Upcoming Sports Events

Upcoming Sports Events




118th FIFA Women’s World Cup [2019]France
2(AFC) Asian Football Cup [2019]UAE
3IWF World championship [2019]Pattaya (Thailand)
430th Southeast Asian Games [2019)]Philippines (Manila)
513th SAG Games (South Asian Games) [2019]Nepal (Kathmandu)
612th Cricket World Cup (Men) (2019]England
718th Fina World Aquatics (Swimming) Championship [2019]South Korea (Gwangiu)
818th FIBA Basket Ball World Cup [2019]China
9UEFA Europa League Cup [2019]Azerbaijan
108th Edition Asian Youth Woman Handball Championship [2019]India (Jaipur)
11Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell [2019]Spain
1223rd Asian Athletics Championships [2019]Qatar (Doha)
13Badminton Tournament [2019]Malaysia
14Olympics World Games [2019]Abu, Dhabi (U.A.E.)
15Wrestling Event [2019]Ruse, Bulgaria
16IPL [2019]India
17International Shooting Competition [2019]Hannover (Germany)
1832 Olympic games [2020]Japan (Tokyo)
Motto -Discover Tomorrow
1916th Summer Paralympic [2020]Japan (Tokyo)
203rd Winter Youth Olympic [2020]Switzerland (Lausanne)
217th T-20 women World Cup [2020]Australia
2213th Under-19 Cricket World Cup [2020]South Africa
234th Youth Asian Games (2021]Indonesia (Surabaya)
2431th Southeast Asian Games [2021]Vietnam (Hanoi)
2512th Cricket World Cup (Women) [2021]New Zealand
2619th Fina World Aquatics (Swimming) Championship [2021]Japan (Fukuoka)
2722th FIFA (Men) World Cup football [2022]Qatar (Doha)
2834 Winter Olympics [2022]
Note: Beijing is the only city to host both winter and Summer Olympic games
(China, Bejing)
Motto -A pure passion for Ice & Snow
2919th Asian games [2022]China (Hangzhou)
3022nd Commonwealth games [2022]South Africa (Durban)
31IVth Asian Para Games [2022]China (Hangzhou)
328th T-20 women World Cup [2022]South Africa
3314th Under-19 Cricket World Cup [2022]West Indies
34Asian Games [2022]China
3532th Southeast Asian Games [2023]Cambodia (Phnom Penh)
3613th Cricket World Cup (Men) [2023]India
3720th Fina World Aquatics (Swimming) Championship [2023]Qatar (Doha)
38Asian Cup Football Tournament [2023]China

Upcoming Sports Events From 2019-2023.

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